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Bedrijf Zonder Naam is a think-alongside of Bart. I'll help you with prompted and unpromted advice, though never unwarranted. I'll bring you to your peak -plateau- to your best ability yet; and will leave. You'll not need me again, though someone you know might, read along how you can spread the word.

Why the name?: It doesn't quite need one; Good advice is golden but honesty and criticism, honest criticism that can be constructive: _nameless

I like to think along, creatively and euphorically enjoy finding solutions.

This has resulted in two-fold activities, coaching and prototyping:

My goal as coach is: To get you to use your computer as effectively as possible, - spend your time away from it.

My method is the simplest method that helps you attain and maintain your goal, it's a hegemony of things that work and place you and myself into personal developments. With conversations, critical analyses and constructive footholds we, together, approach and encroach your goal; and I'll help you make those razor-sharp decisions.

Prototyping is what I do with what I encounter in life, problems that needed solving or things to build. I would like to turn those into products. Have a look around. Is there anything that makes you feel addressed? Lose your coy and contact me!

You can pay me what you feel is earned! Could be the price of a cup of coffee or a Trip-around-the-world amount.

The Company has a number: 020 20 80 812.

— Bart

None other than the informal, word of mouth: I don't advertise, think that's fresh?!? Share Me!

(NL) KVK: 84427566