How-to, GDPR


In Holland something special happened, before the GDPR (AVG) went into effect, a law on the secret services was accepted in pairliment. WIV2017, went up to be the law that would modernize and finally allow 'our' secret-service(s) to operate on the same 'global playfield'; -fully entitled- to use all it's IT-PROWESS to spy on citizens, remove and re-place (caveat) data.


Luckilly, precedence is placed on the more modern Law. I mean, if it wasn't a necessaty it wouldn't need to be a new law anyway, right? So, GDPR (Dutch:AVG), gave us some authority about our own (kept) data back to us. Now, think about re-placing; placing data some time into the future! Keeping it from us until it is 'deemed necessary'. This will not do for, GDPR specified 1 thing clearly, commercial use of personal id-data should have a bound Goal.


The caveat is clear, though one thing is not. Goal-bound personal-use data. As in, personal communications should be exempt from WIV2017: Democracy would not survive otherwise!


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