Oma's telephone

Just a telephone, operable even when fully blinded.

My grandma went blind, she had a telephone with three preprogrammed numbers but difficulty hanging up, and placing calls. Sometimes the reciever went off the hook, landed slightly ajar and then she couldn't recieve any calls until someone came up and re-placed the reciever.


She got isolated because she couldn't call, the three preprogrammed numbers were her son, daughter and the taxi company. Giving her brothers and sisters a call wasn't an option. Even friends and acquintances were out of reach!


A telephone that is easy to operate, does automatic local 'hangups' when the remote end disconnects and has more numbers to call. Voice-activated and thus without numbered buttons, just a button to accept a call and close the circuit, or place one. Recieving telephone numbers to be programmed remotely by loved-ones-dear, and, anyone she would want to reach in the telephone directory.


Short eManual:

Longer manual:

Available soon!


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